2.0 Movie Review Starrer Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 will be released on 29th November 2018, however an unknown account on Twitter has put the review of the film. This record has been told as a distributor of Indore, however he has said for that his name and address won’t be over and again inquired. He is simply on Twitter to give a little data about the film to the fans.

We can’t disagree that there has been a lot of effort in making 2.0. If the people of India reject this film then nobody will take that kind of huge risk again. Salute to the whole team of the film. This film will set fire to the box office. The storm is coming at the box office.

2.0 is built very well. The film’s background music is also fantastic. Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth Sir did a great job for this movie, they really deserve a salute for this kind of uniqueness. 2.0 movie will introduce a new era of Bollywood.

Akshay Kumar is looking great as a villain, he really did a good job as a villain. Rajnikant sir also looking great and we know that how much they both are good in acting. After watching 2.0 we will fall in love with both of them. Amy Jackson is looking gorgeous as always.

We can say that Shankar Sir did a great job. 2.0 is the only movie so far that can compete with the most of Hollywood movies. It is one of the best Indian film in the field of acting, story, VFX, direction and much more.

2.0 movie

Last year, we saw Bahubali 2, who made new records in the Indian film industry. We would like to thank S.S. Rajamouli Sir for giving a movie like Bahubali 2 and we expect the same from 2.0 and Shankar Sir. Bollywood will take a new turn after the release of 2.0. The whole team of 2.0 did a hard work for the movie to make it big.

The biggest feature of this movie is its special effects. About three thousand technicians have worked in creating these special effects. Their hard work is clearly visible in the teaser. With its film VFX, its release date is constantly running.

According to sources, the American digital company that was given the work of the VFX of the film declared itself bankrupt. So whatever work was done, all went unnecessarily. After this the second company was given work, but the team of ‘2.0’ was not happy with his work. They did not look at the level of work of 3D effects and VFX, so started working with a fresh start.

Akshay may have been very good in the film, but the robot will always remain Rajinikanth’s film. I saw that a lot of people are saying that Akshay Kumar looks better than Rajinikanth in the film. But we can’t compare it. Anyway, Rajinikanth has more screen time than Akshay. So, we have to stop the comparison between both of them and appreciate their work.

The intensity of the film will increase after the interval, makers of the movie say that the audience will feel the climax of the film after the interval.

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