Best Wireless Game Controllers For Smartphones

Although most of the Android games have been designed keeping touchscreen in mind, the reality is that there is a certain time when using traditional controllers. This applies especially to those games that were ported to the console on Android, as well as on the emulator.

This is also true for games where it is not possible to use touchscreen, such as VR games where your phone comes to your face. Here are the best Android game controllers you can buy now.

Before you choose a controller to use with your Android smartphone or tablet, it is important to know about the compatibility problems you can face.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (or Android 3.2 Honeycomb) or Android support device that originally released new support game controllers If you are stuck on old software, then you are not important – most controllers will add older Android devices – but you can expect them to be unpredictable, incredibly and sometimes not work.

BEBONCOOL Wireless Game Controller

This is one of the best Android game controllers because it is a telescopic holder for your Android phone, which makes playing a lot easier. The device sports two joysticks, a d-pad, four action buttons, start and select buttons and shoulder triggers.

It has 350mAh battery which promises to use eight to 10 hours before running out of juice. When this happens, you can bring the battery back to 100 percent in about three hours of charging. The device also comes with a free companion app, which shows a list of more than 300 compatible games – almost half of which are free.

The Beboncool controller has a classic design and comes in black with red accents. This is not the most premium looking product in this list, but it still works. It’s small and light for you to leave it in a bag easily, and will not automatically be used for five minutes. It’s cheap – you can get it on Amazon for only $26.


8BITDO Zero Wireless Game Controller

How would you like to have a fully functional game controller for your Android phone which is so small that you can keep it in your keychain? You can do 8BITDO with zero wireless game controller. The weight of this impressive device is just 50 grams, but it has four action buttons, a select button, a start button, a four-way d-pad and two shoulder trigger buttons.

Because this controller has Bluetooth technology, you can use it with compatible hardware on any gaming device, such as PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad Android phones and tablets. It is 73 mm wide, 35mm long and 13.7mm thick, and powered by 180mAh rechargeable battery, which is going on for up to 18 hours on a single charge. If your phone or tablet still has a micro USB port, you can charge the controller with its included micro USB connection. Allegedly it takes about an hour to charge it.

While there may be some problems using the larger hand gamers 8BITDO Zero Wireless Game Controller, everyone else should not have any problem playing Android games with this device with controller support. Its small size is easily the best thing about it, but this is a big deal.



Moga Hero is another controller with Power Xbox design and button layout. There are asymmetric joystick placement, D-pad, A, B, X, Y buttons, rear bumpers and triggers. The standout feature is a fold-out phone mount. This makes it super easy to play games on your phone, which is not something that many controllers do.

Thankfully, Hero Power does not use AA batteries. You can plug it in via micro-USB to charge it. You can also use the controller as a battery pack to charge your phone. Many of these game controllers will work with PC games, but this controller is actually specially designed for Android. Keep this in mind if you plan to use it somewhere else.

This excellent controller is available for $20 only on Amazon. There is a slightly larger version, Pro Power, which is also available for a little extra money.


Steel Series Stratus XL

The Stratus XL has been in the market for a few years now, but for most of the users it does not allow you to be fooled, it is exactly the controller you should buy. Stratus XL is available without a doubt, the most beautiful Bluetooth gamepad available, in which there is a nice black design with orange and gray accent colors. And it feels equally spectacular in hand, with it a good heft (without being too heavy) which I think it should be very durable.

Stratus XL looks like an Xbox controller at first glance, but with a button layout which is actually similar to a Playstation controller. It contains two joysticks which are near the bottom and are aligned directly from each other and there is a D-pad on the top left. Otherwise, you get four main task buttons (A, B, X, Y) on the face, with three unique buttons at the center, and at the top, you will get two triggers and two shoulder buttons.

But this is not right. Straits XL does not have built-in stand – you need to find a wall to propagate your phone. And there is lack of rechargeable batteries in it. But it supports Bluetooth pairing, and according to the power, with power efficiency makes up for battery gaffe – two AA batteries provide up to 40 hours of gaming.


Bounabay Android Game Controller

In our list of the best Android game controllers, the final model comes from Bounabay and it’s a little different. It resembles your smartphone with portable game consoles, which adds the left and right controls of the device.

It’s very compact, which makes it easy to get you on the road. Its battery is 300mAh and it promises to last about 8 hours. The controller is compatible with the phone, which measures up to 165 mm maximum, and runs Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. It will not work with iOS devices and may be a deal for something which is not compatible with Fortnite.

There are two buttons in which you expect from a game controller that includes two joysticks, four action buttons and a D-pad. It also comes with a tool to remove the button. Bounabay Bluetooth game controller will set you back slightly more than $ 40.


They are five of the best Android game controllers on the market. Is there anyone else that you are recommending? Tell us your thoughts in the comment.

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