Google Offering a Mid-Range Smartphone Called Pixel 3A/Lite

Looking at the growing demand for low-priced smartphones in the Indian market, all the companies are now launching lot of smartphones in the affordable segment with amazing features; the most recent example is the Samsung Galaxy M-Series.

It has been a long discussion that Google will also introduce a slightly compact version of its Pixel-series, which can be priced too low. A webcam listing has come out yesterday, according to which Google can offer its affordable smartphone as Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL.

In the Geekbench listing, you also get some information related to Google Pixel 3A, according to which this device is available for certification and will be available soon to appear in the market. The company can launch this affordable smartphone with SD 625 and 2GB RAM.

Google Pixel 3A or Pixel 3 Lite?

It is clear that Google will present its upcoming smartphone in the affordable segment, but in some leaks, the name of the new smartphones is called 3Lite and 3 XL Lite, while some leaks also show up with the name Pixel 3A and 3A XL. But the hope is that the device can be presented with the name of the new A-Series.

Geekbench listing
Geekbench Listing

It is also clear in Geekbench listing that with 2GB of RAM, you can get the look of Android 10 at a lower price. So we can expect that Pixel 3A or Pixel 3 Lite will be the first smartphone to launch with the latest Android 10.

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Apart from this, the chipset here also shows that Snapdragon 625 chipset can be used in the device. As an alternative to internal storage, 32GB internal storage can be provided here.

A small but important difference in Pixel 3 Lite is that it involves an old-fashioned 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. This will probably please a lot of people who want to use their wired headphones and Earbuds. On the lower side, the phone does not have dual-front speakers found in existing pixel 3 phones, because earpiece also works as a single speaker. Pixel 3 Lite should also be made of a plastic material, instead of the all-glass design found on existing Pixel 3 phones.

Google Pixel 3A / 3 Lite launch date

So far no official information has come out from Google. But in a new direction, the company could launch it in the Google I / O event, which is to be held on May 7-9. As far as price is concerned, according to specification, this device will be offered at a very low cost compared to the existing Pixel-lineup.

google pixel 3 lite

The biggest questions around Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite can’t be their hardware specs, their release date or their price. Actually, the big question about these phones is that who is the audience for these devices. If Google launches these phones in the next few months, then they will be the company’s first mid-range handset because it released the Nexus 5X back in 2015.

A group of consumers who can be the target of Pixel 3 Lite, there are people who have read reviews of Pixel 3’s superior camera hardware, but they do not want to pay a ton to get the phone themselves. Using low-end content and hardware specs, while retaining most camera specs on pixel 3 lights, you can get more people to see Google’s products.

It is also possible that Google wants to see the pixel phones sold in more countries, especially in India like markets where cheap phones are more popular. Presenting Google Pixel 3 Lite in those countries can be a good move, because low-priced good cameras will stand out among many mid-rangers.

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