Honor View 20: Specs Highlights, Price & Availability in India

It is clear that smartphones have been aggressively heading towards future Bezel-Less for the past few years. And it seems that now we are very close to achieving this goal. Disruptive Honor View 20 in India and the phone integrates many innovative technological advances including a clean all-screen fascia and a 48-megapixel selfie camera for a very reasonable mid-range price.

Let’s talk about some unique and interesting Honor View 20 features, which make the phone stand up!

First In-display camera

Honor View 20 is the world’s first phone in India and the next-generation full-view screen is included. The selfie camera stays in a small hole in the perforated screen (something that has been done with easy work) and gives you a more intuitive experience than a foothold.

The camera hole is just 4.5 mm diameter and it does not affect the complex 18-layer screen structure. The result of high quality 6.4-inch display resulted in seamless expansion just terrible!

Another big plus point of implementation is that you get most of your status bar free. Even with small droplets of water, a portion of space is cut, with the space required for the camera sensor and symmetrical spaces on both sides of the notch. Along with the in-display camera placement, this penalty is the minimum.

Astonishing 48MP Rear Camera

Honor View 20 is also the first phone to use Sony’s IMX586 stacked CMOS image sensor, which is 1/2 inch in size and has 48 effective megapixels, thus giving amazing details and clarity.

In low light, the camera software can add smartly or bin 2 × 2 pixels so that a larger effective pixel can be made to collect more light, resulting in detailed low light shots. Wide f / 1.8 extraction lens also helps.

Primarily 48 MP camera is supported by 3D TOF sensor which can map the surroundings using IR light. This helps the camera to separate the subject from the background correctly and shoot innocent pictures. There are also other fun apps like 3D Body Shaping and 3D Motion-Controlled Gaming in the sensor.

The camera software is also integrated with the smart AI algorithm that can detect the environment and even compensate for hands shakes! Features like AI HDR help provide excellent image quality.

Powered by World’s first 7nm Chipset

Honor View 20 is powered by the world’s first 7nm chipset, Kirin 980, which is a complete animal. The Cortex-A76-based mobile platform improves critical performance and everything flies just on the phone.

Chipset integrates the new Mali-G76 GPU which improves 46% performance, the new fourth-generation ISP with a dedicated video pipeline, and the world’s first to employ a dual-core CPU for handling AI Smart .

Naturally, Honor View 20 can handle high end gaming without breaking a sweat. Apart from this, it is also equipped with GPU Turbo 2.0 which makes the mobile gaming experience even better.

Innovative Link Turbo

Honor View 20 also deals with a very common connectivity problem using the first innovation of an industry – link turbo. This technology combines Wi-Fi and 4G with fast Internet access to interrupt your download or streaming.

View 20 can identify a slow Wi-Fi network on its own and switch to a better network when available.

Big Battery and Rapid Supercharging

For a full entertainment experience, your phone needs a reliable battery mileage. Okay, this is another area where Honor sees Excel 20. The handset has a power unit of 4000mAh and you can top it up quickly with 20W supercharging technology which can top 55 percent of battery in just 30 minutes!

Stunning Design

The clean look on the front is further complemented by the stylish 3d-curved glass back panel. The Honor View 20 is the first phone to use nanolithography which imparts a gleaming V-shaped aurora pattern that’s visible with light falling at certain angles. The look is certainly befitting a phone truly positioned on the cutting edge.

Apart from this, with most bezels shaved, Honor has successfully packed a large screen in a relatively manageable and compact form factor, which makes View 20 extremely convenient.

Price and Availability

The pricing of Honor View 20 in India is around Rs. 40,000. Honor View 20 is launching on January 29, 2019. This is a 6 GB RAM / 128 GB internal storage base variant of HonorView 20 which is expected to be available in Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, Phantom Blue.


There is a lot to the new Honor Flagship which makes it unique. An uninterrupted all-view display, a powerful chipset, capable of being the most sought after users, professional camera, AI-supported software, dual-frequency GPS, long-lasting battery, and the list. It is enough to say that this is actually an innovative phone that makes the bar really high for the 2019 flagship.

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