Huawei Wireless Charger: Review, Price & Availability in India

Huawei has been in the discussion to launch new phones and cameras in its Top-Range phone. And outside of the blue, the Chinese giants announced the availability of their wireless chargers in India.

The Huawei Wireless Charger was unveiled for the first time in London last year with Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20X. Reverse wireless charging was also offered in Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which allows wireless QC-compatible devices to charge wireless on its back panel. To remember, in the launch event, Huawei also introduced its new 40W supercharge Wired Fast Charging technology.

Using the new wireless charger, you can fuel your device without the need of connecting cable. And the good news is that it works with any smartphone that has Qi functionality and Q-Battery case equipped devices. Wireless Charger WPC Qi standard is certified.

The charger outputs 15W which should charge the smartphone faster than the current options in the market.

Huawei claims that his 15W wireless charger can remove 12 percent of battery juice in 10 minutes, while 30 minutes of charge gives 31 percent of the battery. Huawei Wireless Charger also has a built-in chip which can automatically adjust the output power according to the ambient temperature and real time battery percentage.

Charger is convenient and safe at the same time. How are you thinking? It has a built-in chip with foreign object detection, which aims to avoid overheating within safe temperature ranges. Huawei Wireless Chargers can detect metal objects and automatically switch to detection. It can only be done when other devices reach full charge.

Thus, the company touts multi-level safety protection to enable a reliable charging experience. In the design department, there is a soft unibody silicon surface which ensures a touching body and which prevents it from falling. Compact design is likely to fit within your palm. Inbuilt LED indicators will show real-time charging status. Huawei is smart enough to keep a hidden design so that your sleep does not bother you.

Price and Availability

The wireless charger was announced for the first time during the launch of Mate 20 Pro last year. Now, Huawei has announced in India which is available for Rs. 3,999 on

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