Huawei Y9 2019 Price, Full Specifications & Features

With more than 200 million phones, Huawei was one of the top three smartphone makers last year and the ambitious brand aims to reach the top spot before the end of 2019. In India, Huawei started the year with Y9 (2019), which strikes the right mix of premium and sassy.

Y9 (2019) offers attractive specs for a very reasonable price of Rs 15,990. Huawei bundles a pair of forward Boat Rockeries wireless headphones, priced at Rs 2,990. We are now using the phone for almost a week, and are quite confident that this is the phone we recommend to young Indian buyers. Let’s explain why we think so.

Flawless Performance

The 12nm process based Octa-Core Kirin 710, which gives power to Y9, is a very dependable and power-efficient mid-range chipset. The handset also benefits from second-generation GPU turbo technology which helps to enhance the gaming experience.

We can keep all the popular high-end gaming titles without any hiccups or frames drop. Day-to-day performance is equally impeccable. Apps open quickly, multitasking works as it should be, and there is enough storage space in it, which has the option to add up to 400GB of micro SD storage – all these are ideal for young consumers who can connect with many apps are needed, often together, and also to maintain their world on their phones.

Big screen, Big Entertainment

One of the most consuming pieces of content among the millennium is online video. And in the Huawei Y9 there is a grand, extra-large screen to share those videos again.

Despite its reasonably compact casing, Huawei Y9 has a 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel, thanks to the extremely narrow bezels surrounding it. Color reproduction and contrast are simply excellent, and you can customize the screen based on your individual color preferences.


Of course, for young consumers, there is no agreement with the design. Huawei Y9 is with every bit as the modern design trends, sleek and stylish.

There is absolutely premium glass-finishing in it, and the 3-D ARCH glass panel has curves in all the right places, which are extremely comfortable to handle the phone.


The 16MP rear camera and 13MP selfie camera on Y9 have been given by secondary depth sensors in each. They are also complemented by smart AI-powered software that are designed keeping youth in mind.

Huawei Y9 has AI texture for both front and rear cameras, which also works for the video. The camera has an AI filter that you can use in an app like Tik Tok. Using additional sensors, you can shoot selfie and portraits with creamy background blur, and the software is smart enough to compensate for ambient light so that you can easily get great shots in all situations. If you want to buy this product click below.

Free Boat Rockerz Wireless Headphones

In an era where most online phones do not have basic headphones, Huawei Y9 with a price of Rs 2,990 gives a pair of Rockerz Sports Bluetooth headphones, thus reducing the effective cost of the full package. Without any doubt, this is a gesture that young consumers will appreciate.

In an age where most online phones don’t include basic headphones, Huawei bundles a pair of quality Boat Rockerz Sports Bluetooth Headphones worth Rs 2,990 with the Y9, thus further reducing the effective cost of the complete package. Without a doubt, this is a gesture that young consumers would appreciate.

Huawei Y9 (2019) has everything that young Indian consumers need in a mid-range smartphone. It’s a trendy phone that you can flirt, a trustworthy front and rear camera, excellent for gaming and multimedia, it has a large screen, an abundant storage space, and a battery that refuses to die – This is all for a capable and accessible start Only Rs 15,990.

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