Top 7 Tech Gadgets of 2018 Available on Amazon under 100$

In today’s world, we all are addicted to Gadgets and want cool tech gadgets which can help us. So, today we are discussing top 7 gadgets with cool features and all are easily available on Amazon. All these gadgets are just within 100$. If you want to buy any gadget from this just click on the buy now button below of every product.


BlueDriver is one the best professional diagnostic scan tool. If you love your car then it’s a perfect gadget for you, OBD2 connects with your car system and tells you what’s going in your car. It doesn’t matter which car you are using, it works with all US cars which were made since the 80s. The Automatic Link connects to your OBD2 port simply like some other dongle, yet not at all like others, it utilizes a low-control Bluetooth signal to remotely shaft data to your cell phone progressively. In that way, you can know why your car acting like this and what kind of issues arising in your car. It also offers you some suggestions to resolve your car issues yourself.

If you check engine light pops on, BlueDriver sends a notification to your smartphone and tells you why it is happening. Some problems which are not solved by us, then it automatically suggests mechanic in the surrounding area. It doesn’t matter who you are this gadget always helps you when it comes to the car.

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In the last few years, smartphones have come a long way, but it does not matter how advanced they are, they do not seem to have enough battery power. We always need a smartphone with good battery life and run as long as we want but it is not possible. For expanding our smartphone battery life we use a portable charger, that’s why we taking Anker in our Gadgets list.

Anker is one of the best portable charger because it comes with PowerIQ technology which identifies the connected devices and deliveries the high-speed charge to those devices. It also has a VoltageBoost which combines with PowerIQ to gives the fast charging experience. It is very easy to handle because It is a lightweight gadget which you can take to your tours and enjoy non-stop usage of a smartphone. It charges the iPhone 6 six times the iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy S6 four times or the iPad Air more than once. It safely recharges with a 2 amp output charger which is too good because most phone chargers have 1 amp output.

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Amazon Echo Dot is a mini smart speaker which you can control with your voice. It connects with many apps and allowing you to control your home lights, fans, garage doors and many more smart things. It has a built-in speaker but also connects with external speakers and headphone with Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo cable.

You can listen to any song by just giving a command to the Echo Dot, It has Far-field voice recognition which makes it listen to you even in a noisy environment. If you connect Echo Dot to Alexa app then you can make call or messages hand-free by just asking “Alexa, how do I set up calling?” Alexa is always smart and adding new features and skills. Just ask Alexa to order meals from Zomato, request a ride from Ola, book a carpenter from the UrbanClap, and many more. Amazon Echo Dot is very small and easy to carry anywhere and it is one of the best mini smart speaker.

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If you haven’t already invested in set-top streaming devices, then it’s a high time to jump on bandwagon. Even if you are not ready to cut your cable subscription and go all on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, then these Gizmos will give you easy access to a wide range of different streaming platforms. Now big companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and others have thrown their weight behind the streaming revolution, many of these devices choose – and they get better and better with each passing year.

If we get a chance to pick one, we would like to choose the best gadget without any doubt the new Roku Streaming Stick +. At 70$, it transmits 4K HDR video to Dolby Atmos sound, everything is done through the UI,” said D.C. A/V ace Caleb Dennis. Professionals are intended to engage an extensive variety of clients from specialists to experts. On account of the application freethinker approach, Roku finds the best place to look at your content.

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It doesn’t come with 10 LEDs or the luxury page turning buttons like Kindle Oasis. But if you are finding the best eBook reader on the market, then you can go for Amazon Kindle. The most recent Kindle has a great memory and an updated processor as well as a superb touchscreen display that lets you easily browses thousands of books. Its software includes Goodreads integration and a vocabulary manufacturer, only appreciates Marathon (30 days) battery life and comfort design.

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The virtual reality headset is developing every year; For a cost-effective, high-quality device, you are no longer limited to Samsung’s Gear VR. To use the Daydream View Headset, a compatible phone is required. Right now, this means that it will only work if you have a Google Pixel phone. Regardless, the Daydream View stands out for rest and wearability among the rest. Headsets made from breathable clothing are lightweight – which is important for long wear. Daydream software is easy and easy to use with wireless controllers, and new apps are added all the time. For people with a compatible phone, this is a good choice for VR.



Earbuds casings are transparent, which is clear, provide a glimpse into the inside glimpse of the buds. Twin ear guides connect the beats of the ear to the strap; They are about eight inches long in a silver color.

There is a triangle main control unit in the strap – the purpose of which is to dangle on your chest – two clothes-Y cables walk on both sides of the magnetic clasp, which hangs behind your neck and cleverly keeps the charging port of model 3.


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